Client records are never correct - just deal with it

Over on Accounting Web, an accountant is bemoaning the fact that clients never provide complete and accurate accounting records to him, for the purposes of year-end accounts: 

Not one client who does their own bookkeeping has ever provided me with a TB, Creditors ledger or Debtors ledger that has been correct.

I think he must have been having a bad day, because that's a sweeping statement and in my experience clients usually do a pretty good job of their bookkeeping - considering they are not trained for the job.

However, even when the client does a good job there are almost always errors made, and therefore corrections needed, before the numbers can be used for HMRC and Companies House purposes. This is as much the case when the client uses traditional desktop software as it is if they use one of the new cloud offerings. It is a fact of life for accountants. And one that gives them work and therefore fees.

So, given that clients are always going to supply incomplete and inaccurate information, accountants need the best way of dealing with it. Moaning about the situation doesn't help. Checkmybooks does.