Embrace your square-peg clients

OK, so you love new cloud accounting services - like KashFlow and Xero - and are working towards getting all of your clients to move online. Maybe you are already a "Cloud-only" practice. My question to you is: will you really turn your back on clients who still want to use Sage or QuickBooks?

If those clients are a PITA, or not the forward-thinking people you want to work with going forward, then you don't have a problem. Where you do have a problem though is when the client is actually a great guy or gal and pays a very profitable fee. What if that dream new client comes along but insists on using desktop software? 

These business owners may have many valid reasons why cloud software is not a good fit for them. Perhaps they need to interface with other line of business desktop products. Perhaps they need functionality that cloud services cannot currently provide. Either way, trying to force a Sage square peg into a Cloud round hole is never going to work.

You shouldn't care what accounting software your client uses

Checkmybooks allows you to work with Sage and QuickBooks clients just as easily as you can work with your cloud ones. So you can let them use the software that works best for them whilst still working with their accounting data in the cloud.

You can work the same way on every job, because they all look and work the same in Checkmybooks, regardless of the software the data came from. Your team will thank you too, as they don't have to learn how to use lots of accounting software - only Checkmybooks.

Your accountancy practice is a business. It does not make business sense to turn your back on good, profitable customers because they won't change their systems to suit you. You therefore need to embrace your "square peg" clients and prospects, and Checkmybooks makes this easy.