Are you responsive?

How this website looks on all types of device.

We've been working on our website in recent days, freshening-up the home page and, hopefully, making it much easier for our visitors to use. For instance, the "Book Demo" button is now found on all pages (if you haven't had a demo yet, you really should).

Of course, with recent surveys suggesting that people are more and more likely to be viewing your website from a mobile device, it's important that you use a responsive design - one that makes sure your pages adjust to fit the device being used. We wanted to double-check that our own responsive design looked good on all devices and found this neat, quick tool which demonstrates your website on a phone, tablet, laptop and desktop screen. Just enter the address (url) of your website and hey presto!

So, my advice to you would be to use the tool on your own website and see how responsive you are. Let me know how you get on!