So, what did we learn at a busy Xerocon London?

Jonathan and Rob on smooth-talking duties here

Xerocon 2016 was much more grown-up this year, with more stand space, smoothie bars rather than coffee bars (my vote is to go back to the baristas) and an incredible 1300 attendees.

It makes it very hard work talking to delegates in the relatively short breaks. With so many people around it's difficult to be as personal as we would like. Despite this there was a lot of enthusiasm for Checkmybooks with some visitors bringing their team members back for a second look later. If you need a more relaxed personal demo please book one here.

From existing customers we had some great suggestions for new features, review points and schedules. Please keep the suggestions coming, we want to help you complete your year-end jobs as quickly as possible.

Shock horror, we even came across Xero accountants willing to admit they still had some Sage customers! They were delighted when they realised that with Checkmybooks they could stop messing with backup files, throw away their Sage software and work with client's Sage desktop data in the cloud, just as conveniently as with Xero data.

All in all a very successful event with visitors even taking the opportunity to sign up for their free trial whilst they were sitting in the auditorium.

Roll on Xerocon 2017.