It's the small problems that steal your time and profitability


We've all been there: you fire-up your computer to do a simple task and then it seems the whole of the technology universe conspires to frustrate you. That quick job ends up taking hours.

It's year-end time and your client emails their Sage backup. So far so good. But then you try to restore it and find that they emailed the desktop shortcut to the file, not the backup itself. Or you start to restore the backup only to be told that you need to upgrade your version of Sage (at a cost of hundreds of pounds - again). Then, when you think you can finally start earning some money, you can't login because the Sage password you have on the client's file from last year is not the current password.

Downward pressure on fees for compliance work means it's hard to make money on annual accounts work these days, so the small time-stealers make a big difference to your profitability. They also make the work seem like a real chore.

Thankfully, there is now new software that can take this pain away from you. By automatically collecting on your behalf, a client's Sage or QuickBooks data directly from them, via the Internet, Checkmybooks let's you get started on the real work quicker. It does lots of other really clever stuff for you too. You should take a look.