Many small business owners are used to waiting months to get their accounts back. You can be different

Clients used to drop their records off in a big carrier bag. They would go on a shelf in your office and, eventually, an accounts clerk would pick them up and try piece them together into a set of accounts. Typically a season could have changed before the client got their final accounts. Times have moved on.

In a world where almost all businesses now use accounting software of some kind there is an expectation of quicker turnaround. After all, the client has supplied figures up to trial balance haven't they?

Certainly the new generation of business owners, used to instant communication and internet shopping, are very reluctant to wait for services to be delivered. The firms that can turn around year-end accounts quickly will delight clients and get recommended to others in their circle.

Checkmybooks automatically collects, analyses and reviews clients' accounting data. It provides a list of review points as soon as you login to the job. From there it's a simple matter to drill into the detail, make corrections and finalise the numbers.
How great would it be if you could complete all of your clients' accounts in a couple of weeks?