Software beats people on predictable work

Ten years ago, the right decision for your practice may have been to outsource your routine work, like year-end accounts production, probably to India.

Facing unrelenting downward pressure on fees for compliance work, accountancy firms realised that employing cheaper people to do most of their year-end work was the way to maintain profitability and outsourcing boomed. Now, the strategic move is to use software as technology will always be cheaper than people and will always be more reliable. Software is poised to replace outsourcing as the smart way to produce accounts.

Let's be clear, a computer can't replace you. It can't replicate your years of experience, your detailed knowledge of accountancy and tax or your understanding of your clients' businesses. What it can do though is free you from the predictable, repetitive work, leaving you to focus on the clever stuff that only you can do.

Checkmybooks is software specifically designed to do one thing: to analyse every single transaction in your client's accounting data and then, instantly, provide you with a list of review points. It knows what issues you look for in every set of accounts and so it finds and displays them, letting you go straight to the matters needing your attention. That large item in repairs might not be capital - but Checkmybooks will find and then highlight it for you, so you can decide.

Our software is the accounts clerk that doesn't want a salary, or holidays and is happy to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It always does what you expect and improves itself constantly. Why wouldn't you give Checkmybooks a job in your practice?