The best way to get all of your team working the same way is to give them great software to use

The benefits of using systemised, repeating businesses processes are obvious but most accountancy firms have found systemising their year-end accounts work to be a real challenge.

Experience shows us that computers are much better than people at doing things the same way, every time. That's why most successful systems are implemented using software workflows.

Year-end accounts work is a simple, repeatable workflow starting with collecting the client's records at the right time. Next is analysing, reviewing and correcting the client's numbers. The final part of the process is the easy bit - publishing and filing final accounts. Most of the year-end accounts workflow is easy to document and manage, but the analysis, review and correction process is much harder to pin down.

In your firm, how do you make sure that all of your staff are reviewing and correcting clients' accounts the same way? Does everyone look with the same level of detail? Do they all look for the same issues, in the same accounts? Systemising this part of the work has been hard because there has been no software to use. Until now.

Checkmybooks is the only software specifically designed to help accountants find and fix issues consistently in every client's records, every time. Now you can easily systemise your year-end accounts work.