Your office might look tidier, but do you still know what's going on?

In the old days when clients brought in their "books" in carrier bags and boxes, any accountant could easily see which accounts jobs they had in, and which were still to start, just by surveying the carpet in their office. That's not an option now that information is electronic.

These days, most firms will use a practice management system or spreadsheets to keep track of their year-end accounts workload. However, manually keeping these logging systems up to date can seem a chore and just another admin task to perform - without any immediate benefit. If the system falls out of use then it's incomplete and useless.

When the office is busy, maybe because it's January, and everyone's feeling a little fraught, it's vital that you know what year-ends still need doing, who has and hasn't sent in their accounts data, which jobs you've started work on and which ones you've finalised.

Because Checkmybooks is software specifically designed for the year-end accounts work that accountants do, it helps you manage your work while you are doing it, all as one, simple integrated process. Your jobs to get in are in the Due tab, the ones to start are in the Received tab. If you've asked the client for their data but not received it yet, then you'll see their job in the Requested tab.

And all this great management information is visible in the same software that's removing the tedium and repetition in reviewing, analysing and correcting your clients' accounts - all in a fraction of the time.