It's time you stopped fixing the same errors every year

You know how it is: these accounts have taken way longer than expected, you're already thinking about how much time to write off and there are three other clients chasing you. You decide you'll send your final adjustments to the client later, when you have time. It doesn't happen.

Accountants are busy. Clients want to pay less and get the work done quicker. Something usually has to give and that is the customer care at the end of the year-end accounts work. It's not absolutely essential, so, often, it gets put off and then never done.

If you don't give your client a list of the adjustments you made to their year-end figures then they can't update their own software and ensure that their balances match yours. The client then spends the rest of the year managing their business with incomplete and inaccurate information. And, come next year, the first job you have to do is fix the opening balances.

And what about feeding back to the client on the state of their accounting records? Usually you'll have found and fixed lots of errors, spotted and added missing transactions and removed duplications. You'll have re-classified expenses and renamed accounts - and you won't have shown and explained any of this to the client. So next year they'll make the same mistakes again and then you'll need to charge them for the fix.

Checkmybooks allows you to generate a file of your adjustments and send them to the client in seconds. They import them in minutes and the job's done. Our software also automatically produces a Client Advisory Report at the end of every year-end job: summarising all the work you've done, listing all the review points you looked at and all the adjustments you made. The client can then easily see what they can do better.

Now it only takes a few clicks to finish the job off properly.