Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

For me, DIY stands for "don't involve yourself". I know what I am good at, and what jobs I have the tools for. I am more than happy to get on with what I do best and let someone else do the stuff they specialise in. Horses for courses.

Soon, all accounting software will allow business owners to submit their own accounts to Companies House and HMRC. They'll be able to file their own tax returns too. But will they want to?

No, they won't. Well some will, of course, but you can already guess who they will be. The vast majority of your clients will still want your help, because accounts are not easy to understand and tax rules are pretty scary. There's money at risk and there is nothing more uncomfortable than not knowing what you don't know.

So no change then? Not quite. The rules of the game will be subtly different. Accountants will no longer be the gatekeepers, the enablers in the space between their clients and the authorities. The client no longer needs their accountant to get their stuff filed - but they do want their accountant to provide advice, assurance and intervention when necessary. Instead of charging to prepare accounts, accountants will be charging clients for their professional review.

Because buying compliance services from accountants will become a discretionary, no longer mandatory, purchase, clients will be looking for value for money pricing and quick turnaround. Luckily, accountants using Checkmybooks will have the perfect tool for that particular job.