October 2015 software release

We've just released a new version of Checkmybooks. This one has no major new features but has improved performance and fixed some issues, as follows:

  • Various performance fixes in Job Overview page and running checks for Review Points
  • A new "pre-flight check" page allows you to review the integrity of client data before proceeding with the job
  • Authentication to Xero is a smoother process
  • Improvements to Xero data import of bank items
  • The Job name is now a link back to the Review Points page
  • System messages no longer fade away and now persist until you cancel them
  • Improved reliability where sometimes a job would lose some of the Review Point status changes
  • Added a warning message about outstanding Review Points when exporting a Trial Balance
  • Fixed issue exporting data from Aged Receivables and Aged Payables schedules
  • Simplified the Add Client routine and terminology for last year-end

Some more exciting stuff is in progress, so watch out for these coming to Checkmybooks very soon.

July 2015 software release

The Checkmybooks software elves have been working hard in recent months and yesterday we released the latest version to live. This is not as major an update as the April one but there are some great improvements, which include:

  • The introduction of our new Report to Client feature
  • Improved performance of Xero data imports
  • Faster updating of job stats and the trial balance following adjustments creation
  • Improved usability and performance when editing adjustments or existing transactions
  • Faster performance for creation and display of review points
  • Improvements to the import verification accuracy for Sage data

As ever, we made hundreds of other small changes and improvements all working towards making your experience using Checkmybooks as productive and enjoyable as possible.

April 2015 software release

Being cloud software, we are able to update and improve Checkmybooks on a regular basis and yesterday we released our latest version. Many of the changes are the direct result of recent user feedback.

This was a big release which included changes to the presentation of the Review tab, the addition of 13 new checks and lots of general performance and reliability improvements. 

Main details

  • New UI for Review Points which now includes the value in each section header bar and shows a tick (checkmark) when all items in a collapsed section have been dealt with.
  • Improvements to the UI for Clients and Jobs, added guidance notes to top of all tabs
  • New check for potential fixed asset items in profit and loss accounts
  • New check for asset accounts with a credit balance
  • New check for liability accounts with a debit balance
  • New check for inconsistent VAT codes
  • New check for unusually large transactions
  • New check for inconsistent debit transactions
  • New check for inconsistent credit transactions
  • New check for control account being different to aged balances
  • New checks (2) for potentially tax disallowable items
  • New checks (2) for VAT potentially reclaimed in error
  • New check for VAT potentially not charged in error
  • Improvements to speed of updating Job stats
  • Manager now cc'd on system emails to Clients
  • Improvements to performance of Opening Balances tab
  • Help site launched
  • Links to detailed specs for Review Points added
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

As ever, your feedback on this new version is very welcome and keep those suggestions coming in please.