Start with the end in mind

Checkmybooks automatically reviews your clients' accounting records for you. It analyses every transaction and then highlights the issues that you'll want to review. You can go straight to the things that need your attention.

It also makes it really easy for you to correct the client's figures, always keeping a log of the changes and notes you have made and updating your adjusted trial balance as you go. You get from the client's trial balance to your final trial balance quickly and easily. 

Automatically created Review Points

What you need to focus your attention on: presented in a way that's clear and easy to work with.

Expand and collapse sections, mark individual Review Points as Accepted or Queried and make linked notes of your reasons.

You can easily drill-down into the details of each item to see the individual transactions themselves.

Easily make adjustments

Simply click the Add Adjustment button anywhere in Checkmybooks to make a journal entry. Your adjusted trial balance will be instantly updated.

If you edit an existing transaction, Checkmybooks will automatically work out the resulting debits and credits and create the journal adjustment for you.

Always know what you've done so far

Checkmybooks keeps track of what you have been doing and shows you the effect of the Adjustments you have made on the profit for the year.

The trial balance always reflects the current position. You can drill down into any account.

See all of the notes you've made along the way.

All of the financial reports are available

Checkmybooks will display the clients' financial reports with the ability drill down into individual accounts and transactions.

Easily see the Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Aged Receivables and Aged Creditors with expanding and collapsing sections and smart filters.