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Software that checks your clients' accounting records for you

Downward pressure on fees for compliance work means it's now vital that you spend as little time as possible preparing year-end accounts for your clients. Most of your effort goes into examining client accounting records and fixing them so you can plug the numbers into your accounts publishing software. Checkmybooks is cloud software that allows you to get this work done in a fraction of the time. You get jobs out quicker and more profitably.

Automated collection. Intelligent examination. Easy adjustments

Checkmybooks collects your client's Sage, QuickBooks or Xero data for you, analyses every transaction in the accounting period and then tells you exactly what you need to know. Automatically providing a list of Review Points, our unique software shows you exactly where you need to focus your attention. From there you can easily and quickly drill down into the detail and make journal adjustments as needed. When you're happy with the revised numbers simply export the final trial balance into your accounts production system.

I set the client up in the software, emailed her the link and within an hour or so it was all done - incredible!
— Jason Blackman, Just Pure
Checkmybooks is brilliant.
— Steve Pipe, AVN Accountants

It's time someone made your life easier

Since your clients will now be uploading their accounting data directly to your Checkmybooks account, you can stop collecting backup files, and remembering their passwords, and fiddling around with different versions of Sage and QuickBooks. You can probably even stop spending money every year on software upgrades just so you can handle different types of client files.

You can work the same way on every job, because they all look and work the same in Checkmybooks, regardless of the software the data came from. Your team will thank you too, as they don't have to learn how to use lots of accounting software - only Checkmybooks.